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Great Ocean Road

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The roads all over the world cross all sorts of terrain, whether through cities, following the coast, or winding through mountains, they often lead travelers into spectacular landscapes.

This trip is about to start. Leave Melbourne city with the sunrise, put on your EDIFICE EQB-501 and take your car to one of the most scenic roads in the world. With the smartphone link that can show times in over 300 different cities around the world, EDIFICE is a watch that drives you to travel over the world. Enjoy the ride!

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Many people typically think that Australia's most authentic travel experiences lie deep in the center of the land, a place of burning deserts, giant rocks, cloudless sky and burning sun. But a road trip to the Great Ocean Road, just one hour from downtown Melbourne, does not fit any of our preconceived ideas about the Australian landscape.

With endless breathtaking views, every bend of this sinuous road requires very smart road skills, and makes you feel like a racing driver. Be ready to synchronize your mind to the road, until you become one with the car, one with the road, and drive the EDIFICE.

With the Auto time adjustment function, the EDIFICE EQB-501 will automatically synchronize to your smartphone 4 times a day, and give you the most accurate time, in any situation.

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Often ravaged by storms, the south coast of Victoria is famous for the Twelve Apostles, a spectacular series of rock formations formed by the wild ocean’s waves. They are 250 km (about 4 hours) down the road. But the road trip is surprisingly sweet, with the Great Ocean Road offering up breathtaking vistas of steep ocean cliffs, virgin surf beaches, all through a rich rural area dotted with charming farmsteads.

It’s a long journey, but you can relax, the spectacle of the twelve Apostles, as well as the reliable functions of the EDIFICE EQB-501 are certainties. With the Tough Solar System, CASIO’s original solar power system, your watch EDIFICE will run for up to 5 months without recharging once charged in full.

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Few travel pleasures beat the visceral highs of a road trip. And drivers know best the freedom of the open road, and the thrill of discovering what lies beyond the next curve. So every driver must drive the Great Ocean Road, THE best coastal road trip in Australia.

Leaving the southern hemisphere for the northern hemisphere to another continent, the EDIFICE EQB-501 and the smartphone link allow you to check the current time in your next destination with Dual Dial World Time. So get ready for a new road trip, EDIFICE goes to the best road in southern France next.