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Smartphone Link with
rotating 3D Globe Dial.

Keeping accurate time.
Advanced World Time function.


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This dedicated app enables you to manage various settings
on your watch from your smartphone without operating the watch.

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Keeping accurate time

Automatic Time Adjustment

The watch is reset regularly 4 times a day by the smartphone to show both home time and world time correctly. You can also reset the watch manually with just a push of a button when crossing between time zones. The precise time in the current location is displayed instantly with DST (daylight saving time) taken into account.

Accurate Time System

Accurate time information (UTC) is acquired by a smartphone from a time server on the Internet. The smartphone then analyzes this time data and its own current positioning data regarding the time zone and DST (daylight saving time) status of the current location and resets the watch to the correct time automatically. Since Wi-Fi communication is also possible, the smartphone can also acquire time information in indoor environments such as airports or subways.

Advanced World Time function

World Time for over 300 cities

The smartphone app can be used to conduct world time city selection. After a city is selected by touch from a world map or a city list containing over 300 cities, the time in the selected city is displayed on an inset dial with DST (daylight saving time) taken into account.




Dual Dial World Time

— 2-city simultaneous time display —

Home Time is displayed on the main dial and World Time on the inset dial at 8 o’clock in a 12-hour format. The time zone and AM/PM status of the selected city are also displayed, moreover, on the 3D globe dial at 3 o’clock. Switching between the two city time displays can be conducted with button operation or using the app.

Day and night indicator

Day and night are displayed for the selected World Time city. When it is night time in the regions in the upper half of the globe dial, it is daytime in the regions in the lower half.

Dual Coil Motor

The movement of the large 3D globe dial is driven by a high-torque dual coil motor. While operating the dial to mirror the earth’s rotation, it realizes smooth, expressive movements when changing world time city settings.

Tough Solar

Tough Solar converts light to electric power to support stable operation of multiple functions. Adoption of a shadow-dispersing solar panel with excellent power-generation efficiency enables solar-powered operation of various functions through smartphone linkage.


Original design engendering functional beauty.


Powerful presence

Bold design concept

The external design conveys a sense of motion and intelligence. A prototype created based on a sketch gave shape to the bold design concept.

Handsome features

Face design

Eliminating the need for watch operation enabled installation of a bezel with no city codes inscribed on it. The resulting freedom in applying design techniques gave birth to functional beauty free from reliance on decoration.

Refined molded beauty

High-end processing

The detailed craftsmanship that makes such features as the 3D hour markers’ artfully ground forms and the 3D globe dial's complex shape so attractive to viewers is realized by molds manufactured using YAMAGATA CASIO’s fine processing technologies.

Original radiance

High-quality finishing

Application of a polarizing deposition causes the 3D globe dial's appearance to change depending on the viewing angle. The original colour arrived at through trial and error is unmatched in the world.

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